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Welcome to Gifted Online
A space where I can connect 

GO (Gifted Online) is a New Zealand educational initiative using online content and distance learning to enable gifted students, especially those in rural and isolated communities, to access the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education's curriculum, in line with the one day a week programme for gifted children, MindPlus.

Term One 2017 begins on Tuesday 21 February. Those currently enrolled will be contacted by email to confirm start date, day and time. 

 We offer a range of programmes designed to suit the needs of gifted children:




 GO Day is a full school day, or its equivalent, of online learning, from mid-primary through to early high school options 


GO Sessions are two hour online lessons, from early primary through to early high school options 

GO Talent offers one and a half hours of online learning in particular talent areas, from early primary to early high school: Readers, Storymakers, Designers and Problem-Solvers


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