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Hi GO Students,

I thought you'd like to see where the blog is being viewed from each day. Thanks for your contributions!

Your first post went live on Thursday, 12th June, 2014. Here are the blog views for that day. Some people will have been looking at other posts, but I think most of them will have seen your work:

It is possible that when you look at the countries that the blog was visited from on Friday, some of you will be able to say, "those were my relatives!"

Saturday brought fewer viewers but more countries:

Readers for Sunday 15 June:

Readers for 16 June:

There were lots of overseas readers on 17 June, outnumbering the Kiwis:

Readers for 18 June were down a bit. Has the blog tour passed its peak?

Apparently my blog is sending error messages, so hits are continuing to fall. I need to look into that. Here are the views for 19 June:

Oops! Missed the 20th. Too late now! These are the blog views on 21 June:

Views for the 22nd are down a bit, but still very much higher than a typical day when there is no blog tour happening. It was the last official day of the blog tour, but there will still be a lot of readers for about 6 weeks, then they will trail off to a total of about 20 per day until June next year.

With some late entries, the blog tour continues. Here are the views for 23 June:

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