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GO Quick Tips

Here are three handy tips for working with GO!

1. Read
READ Elephants by dimalique
Take your time and read each lesson carefully. There will be different activities to try, and different options within each activity. 


The green tick will help you find your activities

The red exclamation mark will help you find important things to remember!

2. Ask!

talking sign by frankes

If you don't understand something in a lesson, just ask! You can ask your GO buddies and your GO teacher in a meeting, ask your parents or your regular teacher, ask your dog or your rabbit, whatever! Just ask!

3. Branch Out!
Gouty-stem tree by Firkin
GO is designed to challenge you! To get the most out of GO, branch out - that is, try new things, try old things in new things, experiment, play, create, design, think, puzzle, ponder... etc! 

All of the images on this page are from openclipart.org, where all clipart is freely available for unlimited commercial use.