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Welcome to GO Sessions Junior!

GO Sessions Junior is JUST for students in years 2, 3 and 4. We follow the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education's curriculum. 

This sample lesson shows you what GO Sessions Junior is like. You should work through this lesson with a parent or teacher. You might like to do the session in two parts, and each part should take about 45 minutes.

Part One:

First let's get your brain warmed up with some creative thinking. Here's something you probably use every day....

Fork 2 by sincrosergio
But what ELSE could you do with it apart from eating? See if you can think up 10 other things to do with a fork - count them on your hands.
Challenge: can you think up 10 more things to do with a fork apart from eating?... count them on your toes.

In Conceptual Development today, watch this video about people from the past who shaped transportation systems:

Hint - watch it twice through.. the singing is quite fast!

Talk with your parent or teacher about:
What systems do you see in this video?
Which of these systems are you part of?
What are some of the parts of a transportation system?
Have you used a transportation system before?

For parents / teachers: in a usual GO Session Junior students will be recording some of their ideas in their online portfolio, which we will set up for students and support them in learning how to use the portfolio effectively. 

Now try one of these activities:

- draw a detailed picture of one part of a transportation system that was mentioned in the video (eg a detailed picture of a train)

- build a map showing at least three parts of a transportation system working together (eg a road that goes through a tunnel over a bridge to a port with a boat). You could do this with coloured pencils on a big sheet of paper and then add lego or blocks or boxes. 

- find out more about one aspect of transportation systems. Use the links on your right then  tell your parent / teacher about what you have found out. 

create your own comic strip about something that goes wrong in a transportation system. Click HERE for a great comic strip creator.

Part Two:
First let's warm up our brains again, with some critical thinking.  Imagine a far away planet where creatures like this one lived:
Monster with Big Eyes by celfred

This creature doesn't count on its fingers or toes, it counts using its STALKS! To teach small aliens to count, the parents sing this song:

Zero, one, two, three, four, five
Handy, handy one, handy two, handy three, handy four, handy five
Two handy, two handy one, two handy two, two handy three, two handy four, two handy five
Three handy, three handy one, three handy two, three handy three, three handy four, three handy five

Can you pretend your fingers are stalks, then sing the song? 
What number in own counting is the same is three handy? 
How old are you in 'handy' counting?
Have some fun exploring 'handy' counting, then try making your own alien HERE. Can you invent a counting system for your alien? Share your new counting system with your parent / teacher.

In Personal Development today, trace around your hand on a piece of paper. 
Raised Hand in Silhouette by dripsandcastle

Fill in each finger with:
- a strength you have
- something you are interested in
- something unique about you
- a wish you have
- a happy memory you have

Mine would be like this:

- writing
- Ancient Greece
- I wear glasses
- I wish I could spend more time at the beach
- looking at the moon over the beach last week when I was on holiday

To finish up today, choose to play some chess, some maths games, or start creating in Storybird.

All images from openclipart.org, free and unlimited use