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Welcome to GO Talent: Readers

Welcome to our sample lesson for GO Talent: Readers (for middles!) 

Each week we will have an online meeting of around 30 minutes, to talk about the lesson and what we are currently reading. The online lesson can be accessed and completed at any time, anywhere. The online lesson will take around an hour to complete.

Let's begin!

#Part One: Something to think about... Characters

Try this random character description generator ... what do you imagine about the characters?  Try it a few times then think of which of these characters might be a MAJOR character in a book and which might be a MINOR character? What do you imagine about the story they might be part of?

If you share my elephant obsession, check out what is 
happening in this picture... if this scene was in a book, who do you think would be a MAJOR character? Who might be a MINOR character? Why do you think this? How might an author describe these characters? 

Image Credit: Kartik Kumar S, Three Smileys, licensed for commercial use

Choose to explore one of these activities about a book you know well or a book you are currently reading. These activities are in order from easiest to hardest - pick the activity that suits you best. 

# Easier: Thinking about characters... Who are the MAJOR and MINOR characters in what you are reading. How would you describe some of them? Create a detailed character description of one MAJOR and one MINOR character - you could use some of these ideas to guide you. Use your blog for your work. 

# Middle: Thinking about differences between characters...How are the MAJOR characters in your book different from the MINOR characters? You might notice differences in how they are described, when they are introduced, what they do and say, and their roles in keeping the plot moving along. Make a venn diagram comparing the two sets of characters. Use your blog for your work.

#Harder: Thinking about creating... Use the picture above or another picture, OR a random character description that you have generated, to start creating your own MAJOR and MINOR characters. You might use characters you know well to guide you. Publish a character description that uses words and pictures OR something similar about your own creations in your blog.

Hint - you could use openclipart.org for clip art style images that are licensed for unlimited use.

#Invent your own activity to help you explore the characters in the book you are currently reading. Try exploring some of the Reader's Links. Share what you have done in your Reader's Blog. 

Use your blog in your USpace to record your reading and thinking. (Here a tutorial is provided to help students work with their online portfolio).

#Part Two: Developing your talents as a reader
Think about some of the most important things you have read in your journey as a reader. Have your tastes in reading changed over time? 
Make a timeline that shows your changes over time as a reader. What are some of your 'milestone' books? Publish your timeline in your portfolio. 

That's all for this week folks! I'll be looking forward to seeing your work in your blogs and talking about your reading at our next meeting. 

Web Links:

Reader's Links

In The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Greg and Rowley are 'best of friends'... sometimes at least! Could you describe a better friend for either Greg or Rowley?

Ramona is such a strong character! What do you think it is that makes her so interesting to read about?

How does Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective work with others to solve mysteries?

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