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GO Talent: Readers

Welcome to our GO Talent: Readers sample lesson for intermediates (year 7-8). 

Each week GO Talent: Readers will have an online meeting of around 30 minutes, to talk about the lesson and what they are currently reading. The online lesson can be accessed and completed at any time, anywhere. The online lesson will take around an hour to complete each week.

Let's begin!

#Part One: Something to think about... 

What on earth has happened to these trees do you think?

Image credit: Flickr user John Morgan, Windblown Trees  (Licensed for sharing and commercial use)

Whatever is was, it happened CONSISTENTLY, that is, time and time again. Today we will take some time to explore this idea of consistency.

#Choose to explore one of these activities about a book you know well or a book you are currently reading. 

#Thinking about characters
....how do you know when a character is written 'consistently'? Find at least 5 examples of a character speaking or acting in consistent ways. Can you find counter-evidence as well?... examples of where characters do not seem consistent? Create a table showing your evidence.

#Thinking about plots...Plot twists or even dead-ends in plots often take us by surprise. Why is this? How do you think the author does that?  Do you think a plot twist shows us consistency or inconsistency? Make a flow map showing the path leading up to a plot twist or dead end. Add in 'red flags' if you saw the plot twist coming! 

#Thinking about connections... What does it feel like when you read something that seems inconsistent with your own life experiences or your knowledge about the world. For instance, if you read a fantasy series like The Lord of the Rings where trees come to life. Is this an example of being inconsistent or is this the mark of great fantasy reading? As a reader, what do you do to believe things that are inconsistent with your thinking? Make a list of things that you have read that are inconsistent with your life or your thinking. Highlight the ideas that you LOVE! And highlight the ideas that you think are just TOO FAR away from reality for your liking.

# Invent your own activity to help you explore the idea of consistency. Share what you have done in your Reader's Blog. 

Use your blog in your USpace to record your reading and thinking. (Here a brief tutorial is given about how use the online portfolio).

#Part Two: Developing your talents as a reader
You - the talented reader... what are YOU like as a reader? Make a bubble map or brainstorm of your characteristics, skills, qualities and interests as a reader. Add as many ideas as you can, then publish this in your blog.

That's all for this week folks. Looking forward to seeing your work in your blogs, and seeing YOU next week in our meeting to talk about our reading. 

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Web Links
Flickr - finding photos - search using 'commerical use allowed'
Thesaurus.com - exploring words
Draw.io - creating flow map
Bubbl.us - creating bubble maps
MindMup - creating brainstorms

Reader's Links

Read the Maze Runner series and check in with the consistency of the Thomas, Newt and Teresa in particular. How do they change over time? Is changing over time the same as being inconsistent?

Read the Percy Jackson Heroes of Olympus series and admire the consistency of Apollo as a character! You might love or despise his haiku...

What are your views about consistency in The Outsider? Is there such a thing as being too consistent?