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Welcome to GO Talent

GO Talent is an online provision for gifted students, using the 
New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education curriculum. 

We are currently offering these GO Talent programmes:
GO Talent: Storymakers 
GO Talent: Readers 
GO Talent: Designers 
GO Talent: Problem Solvers 

GO Talent provides engaging and varied lessons each week in a range of interest and talent areas, with options to provide optimal challenge and interest. 

GO Talent is designed to work with students' existing strengths to increase the breadth, depth, sophistication and complexity of students' knowledge and abilities, and to increase students' self-directedness of their learning. 

Each GO Talent lesson takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete, consisting of an online lesson and an online meeting each week, and time to complete the suggested activities.

Most GO Talent work can be completed in an online portfolio that we provide. GO Talent teachers provide feedback on learning each week through this portfolio.

Entry requirements include information from home and school. Click here to contact our office to request an entry pack.  A referral fee of $25 is payable on receipt of this entry pack. GO Talent costs $20 per week per programme.