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Welcome to GO Sessions Intermediate

Welcome to GO Sessions Intermediate (yr7-8). This is our sample lesson.

This session is likely to take around 1.5 hours to complete, and each week we have an online meeting (on Tuesdays). Sessions can be completed anywhere, anytime, and most work can be completed using our online portfolio.

For Conceptual Development, this year our universal concept is systems. Here are some images that might represent some different systems:

Image credits Flickr users, from top to bottom:
Jurgen Appelo - system
Heidi de Vries - circulatory system
Eric Villalba - nervous system
Jay Jerry - bae system
All licensed for commercial use CC BY 2.0

What systems do you think are shown in these pictures? Hint - each picture shows more than one system... in fact you could probably find or think of up to 10 systems in each image!

(Here we would usually ask students to record their thoughts in their Uspace portfolio - free online portfolio that we provide - with a short tutorial)

Now... your real challenge begins! Find an image using Flickr that also shows multiple systems.

HINT: It is really important to set your search filters well... you must only use images that allow for commercial use, and use SafeSearch! The search filters should like like this: 

Add the image to your first thoughts in your Uspace portfolio, then list ALL the systems that it shows.

EXTRA!!! Find a second image (use the hint above!), add to your portfolio, then create a venn diagram comparing the different systems shown in each image. 

To wind up this section of work, record some of your ponderings about systems in a new blog post...
- what do you think a system is?
- what systems might you be part of?
- what systems interest you?
- how do you think the concept of systems is part of your world?

(Again, here we would usually have a short tutorial about how to do this)

In this session in Communication Development let's look at the things that we think are most important to us at the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education. Our values are:





Choose one (or more!) of these activities to dig deeply into these values - these activities will also introduce you to some of the intellectual (thinking) tools that we use at GO.

This tool is called DETAILS - we can think of each petal as a detail (small piece of information. Use DETAILS to list examples (and counter-examples if you like!) of times when someone is using one of these values. Create a comic strip here or simply write a list on a new page in your portfolio.

This tool is called LANGUAGE OF THE DISCIPLINE - the lips remind us that words come out of our mouths! The word 'discipline' here refers to an area of learning. So this tool helps us to understand and use the special terms linked to a particular area. Create a word cloud of words that come to mind when you think of one of these values. 

This tool, unsurprisingly, is called UNANSWERED QUESTIONS - 'unanswered' because these are questions that you, or anyone, has answered yet. They may in fact have no real answers, but just be BIG questions that we have. These are big, deep, broad questions, not little ones like 'What is the date today?' Use this tool to ponder - why have we chosen these values? Ponder your own values as well - if you really had to, what would be the four values that you chose as most important to you? Write some questions and ponderings. 

This tool is called BIG IDEAS - see how it looks like an Ancient Greek temple? The Ancient Greeks were known for their philosophising so the image fits well! The columns that hold up the roof of the temple also remind us that BIG IDEAS need to be well supported ideas - ideas with evidence. Find a quote that captures an important idea about one of these values and publish it into your portfolio (remember to acknowledge the source of your quote).

And if none of these options appeals to you, how about these...
- create an image that represents one or more of these values
- email our CEO Deborah Walker to ask about how we came up with those four values
- design your own task to help you explore these values further.

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This session at a glance:
- identify and compare systems
uncover initial thoughts about systems

Websites you might find useful this week: