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Welcome to GO Talent: Problem Solvers!

GO Talent: Problem Solvers is a talent-based programme for gifted students, using the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education curriculum.  

This programme is all about using mathematical, logical and creative thinking to puzzle out solutions to problems - from maths, the real world, and our imaginations.  We use maths, creative, critical and caring thinking skills, research, inventing and innovating to solve all sorts of problems. 

GO Talent: Problem Solvers meet each Monday (younger students) OR Tuesday (older students) at 1.45pm, for 30 minutes, with a further 60-90 minutes of activities to complete.

Most GO Talent: Problem Solvers work can be completed in an online portfolio that we provide. GO Talent teachers provide feedback on learning each week through this portfolio.

A sample GO Talent: Problem Solvers lesson is available HERE

Entry requirements include information from home and school, click here to contact our office to request an entry pack. 

GO Talent: Problem Solvers costs $20 per week.