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Readers / Storymakers 1

Welcome Session 1 for GO Talent: Readers / Storymakers

- we meet each week at Tuesday, 11am, on Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/2220658573
- you can work on the lesson any time!

Let's begin...!


Today let's think about the plot element of conflict: where people or other things oppose each other. We often think of conflict meaning just an argument between two people - can you think of examples of this in books you have read?

But.... apparently there are four main types of conflict in what we read or write:

From: http://www.slideshare.net/guest6bbfe8d/elements-of-plot

Can you think of an example of each in something you have read or written? 

#In today's lesson first I want to you start a new blog entry (click HERE for your instructions) that introduces you - write a little about who you are, where you are from, and what you like to read or write. Here's a hint - open the Gifted Online site in two tabs - use one for your blog instructions and the other for creating your blog post.

#Then I want you to choose one of these activities to challenge your reading or writing:

Reading Challenges
Image result for language of the discipline iconEasier activity
This tool is called 'Language of the Discipline'... the mouth reminds us about WORDS (Language) and discipline here means 'the area we are learning about'. So, this tool helps us think about words related to something specific.
What words are used that show there is conflict in a book you are reading? Make a mindmap (words organised around particular themes) or a cline (a list of words organised from weakest to strongest) that shows these words. If you make a mindmap, you could use https://coggle.it/ (sign up for this using your Google account if you have one) or https://bubbl.us/ (you can use this for free without signing up). Take a screenshot of your mindmap and upload this into your blog entry. 

Harder activity:
Image result for ethics icon depth and complexityThis tool (ethics) helps us think about what we think is right or wrong, go
od or bad, and why we think this.
What examples of character vs character conflict can you think of a book you are reading or a book you know well? Do you think there was clearly someone in the right or wrong? How do you know this? Does the author share your view? How do you know this? Write about a paragraph in your blog to share your thinking.

Storymaking Challenges:
Easier activity: Create the opening of a story inspired by these unusual rocks that are about to cause one type of conflict... but don't give it away the conflict YET! Your challenge here is to be very restrained... hint at the conflict that is ahead but don't give it away!
resource image
Image from: http://www.pobble365.com/about-to-hatch/

Harder activity: Create a paragraph that belongs in the middle of this story. Make sure it includes MORE THAN one type of conflict. Here's your challenge - do not include speech or conversation - make your writing 'show not speak' the conflict!

That's it for this week folks... I'm looking forward to seeing your blog posts!