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Welcome to our sample lesson for GO Storymakers.

Each week we will have an online meeting of around 30 minutes, to talk about the lesson and what we are currently writing. The online lesson can be accessed and completed at any time, anywhere. The online lesson will take around an hour to complete.

Let's begin...!


Today let's think about the plot element of conflict: where people or other things oppose each other. We often think of conflict meaning just an argument between two people - can you think of examples of this in books you have read?

But.... apparently there are four main types of conflict in what we read or write:

From: http://www.slideshare.net/guest6bbfe8d/elements-of-plot

Can you think of an example of each in something you have read or written? 

#In today's lesson first I want to you start a new blog entry (click HERE for your instructions) that introduces you - write a little about who you are, where you are from, and what you like to read or write. Here's a hint - open the Gifted Online site in two tabs - use one for your blog instructions and the other for creating your blog post.

#Then I want you to choose one of these activities to challenge your writing:

#Easier activity: Create the opening of a story inspired by these unusual rocks that are about to cause one type of conflict... but don't give it away the conflict YET! You will need to think carefully about how rocks might be involved in conflict....
Your challenge here is to be very restrained... hint at the conflict that is ahead but don't give it away!
resource image
Image from: http://www.pobble365.com/about-to-hatch/

#Harder activity: Create a paragraph that belongs in the middle of the story that involves these unusual rocks and conflict of some sort. Make sure it includes MORE THAN one type of conflict. Here's your challenge - do not include speech or conversation - make your writing 'show not speak' the conflict!

#Be ready to share something from your writing during our next meeting - it could be a piece that you are really pleased with, something you are not sure about, something you want help with, or something else.

That's it for this week folks... I'm looking forward to seeing your blog posts!