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About Gifted Online

GO (Gifted Online) is a New Zealand educational initiative using online content and distance learning to enable students, especially those in rural and isolated communities, to access the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education's curriculum, in a similar way to the one day a week programme, MindPlus

GO exists as gifted children are not a phenomenon of the city or of any particular cultural or socio-economic group. They occur in all communities. At times, all schools will have gifted pupils in their midst. Gifted children are a very diverse group. Their areas of ability spread across the whole range of human learning and performance. Their interests and knowledge often take us by surprise.  Their diversity often makes them difficult for teachers to identify.

You might like to know that...

Gifted children are found in:
  • all ethnic groups
  • all socio-economic levels
  • both genders
  • all types of families

When compared to age peers, gifted kids tend to:
  • learn rapidly
  • have extensive vocabulary
  • concentrate for extended periods
  • have an excellent memory
  • be persistent in their interests
  • be keen observers
  • be highly creative
  • have a vivid imagination
  • be good at jigsaw puzzles
  • read early
  • prefer the company of older children and adults
  • be intense and sensitive
  • aim for perfection

Some gifted children are ‘twice exceptional’ - they are gifted but also experience a learning difficulty or a disability.