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- there is a new session for you HERE each week with ideas, inspiration and activities to help you create change. You should aim to spend about an hour each week on your change-making.

- we will meet at 2pm on Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/2220658573, on these dates: 
Tuesday 26 September

- you can keep a record of your activities and progress as a change-maker in your blog - click HERE for instructions about how to use this.

- you can ask me or your change-making buddies ANYTHING at ANYTIME. To find your buddies, click HERE for instructions.

So let's get started!!!
This week keep working on your plans. Work around any obstacles that pop up. Keep track of what you are doing in your blog entry for this week. 

You might like to read some stories of simple change-making that people are doing all over the world... these people are doing great things, things that are simple and worthwhile...  
Top 10 Changemakers

Image result for famous changemakers

Image result for famous changemakers

#That's all for today folks!  I look foward to seeing how your plans are working out in your blogs. 

Just the fineprint
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