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GO Talent - StoryMakers

GO Talent offers programmes to support gifted students in developing specific talents.  

Plumier by presquesageGO Talent: StoryMakers is a talent-based programme for gifted students, using the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education curriculum. It is an online club for students are are passionate about writing in many different forms.

Who is a storymaker? Just in case you were wondering, a storymaker can be a writer who writes, or a writer who doesn't ... actually ... write. Is that clear? No! OK... err, it's like this... some of the kids we have taught who think up the best stories just don't like writing, or find it very difficult. They make audiofiles, animations or cartoon strips, or they find someone extremely kind who writes things down for them (and I do hope they do something kind in return).

We like writers here, and we like other kinds of storymakers too. We also like writers who write in genres that aren't actually stories, just in case you were wondering. Each week there will be three suggestions for writers (and other storymakers) about topics, points of style or other writing considerations. Members may write in response to these suggestions or write freely in their blog and portfolio pages on topics of their own choosing. Each member is also asked to give some warmly helpful feedback to two other members each week. You can follow one suggestion, or all three, write about the picture, or write your own thing but enjoy sharing it with the online community here.  

To see a sample GO StoryMakers session, click here.

It is open to writers and other storymakers from year 4 to 10 (approximately), and costs $15 per week. To enrol in GO Talent, contact our office here.

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