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GO Talent - StoryMakers - Featured Authors Programme

GO Talent - StoryMakers is an online group for kids who love to write. Many of them are keen to become published authors. GO is therefore working with authors who have had work published, or who are in the process of having work published for the first time. We are especially interested in what it is like to plan your first books, write them, tweak them, talk to publishers, editors and illustrators and anyone else involved in your book creation process. 

We are starting with an author who is in the process of having work published for the first time, and who has has shared a lot of his book creation process online. We'll look at some of his work, which he has kindly sent us, and we'll have him join an online chat with the kids at some stage.

We plan to feature mainly New Zealand authors in future. We have two Kiwis waiting in the wings, and we'd love to hear from more of you. Links will be added below to a brief page about each author.

Working with new authors, when we can find them, fits with our philosophy of talent development. It will also expose our students to writing that has yet to prove itself. This may lead to some interesting discussions of what works, what doesn't work, and why.

Featured Author 2 - Gemma Lovewell
Featured Author 1 - Rusty Biesele