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GO Talent - StoryMakers - Rusty Biesele

Rusty Biesele from the US is one of our featured authors.

Check out Rusty's blog: http://www.childrenofsophista.com

Rusty's books are aimed at kids the ages of our eldest Storymakers. He promises me they will give younger children nightmares, so he may seem like a surprising choice for a featured author. However, Rusty and I are both members of an online creativity group, where he has shared step-by-step updates of the progress of his books. This puts me in a wonderful position to share Rusty's writing journey with the children, in a way that is age appropriate for all of them. I'm very excited that our first featured author will be someone whose writing process I have such a lot of insight into. I'm looking forward to it!

Art for Rusty's first book, used with permission.

Rusty's stories are complex, and one of the problems he has been solving as a writer is that of showing that his characters are speaking telepathically. We will have some Storymakers try that themselves before we look at Rusty's solutions.

Here is one of the comments Rusty shared online that shows the kinds of issues authors face which he could talk to Storymakers about:
I'm 92% done merging in the first comprehensive professional edits and adding the new material prompted by the editor. On the art front, I'm learning a lot about how to draw a kid's body. My artist had a little trouble with one of the characters getting the proportions right and I had a meeting of the artistic minds with my sisters and my daughter to try and figure out what was wrong.
We're looking forward to thinking about your work, Rusty. Thanks for your support!