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GO Talent - StoryMakers - Gemma Lovewell

Gemma is a New  Zealander, a published author, and a very exciting person for us to have as a featured author at GO Storymakers. Why? Because Gemma is also a member of GO Storymakers! Like other Storymakers, Gemma is a kid who loves to write, and who loves to be in the company of other young writers. We can't claim any credit at Gifted Online for Gemma's literary fame. Her book was on the verge of being published by the time she enrolled with us. However, we are very excited to have her among us while she enjoys the newness of her book, which was launched at the Porirua Library on 1 August.
Gemma's book is called Our Big Box, and was published with the assistance of another New Zealand writer who our Storymakers will have also heard of: Joy Cowley! Gemma will be telling us all about how she became a published author at a Storymakers' Skype Chat in September.
Please visit Gemma's website, and consider buying her book or her pet rocks. Part of the purchase price of each item goes to charity.
I am sure you will also enjoy this news article about Gemma's Book. If you have access to Facebook, you can also see photographs of Gemma's book launch. If you think that Porirua Library are awesome to support young writers in this way, please like their Facebook page while you are there.